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All of us want to be healthy and age gracefully. The definition of health is for physical body to be disease free . How do we stay healthy and well? What is wellness? Wellness is considered a journey to bring about a balance in every facet of life : Physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental to name a few. We help with just that through our program. 

WellnessDoc offers 90 day curated online weight loss and lifestyle management programs. Our programs feature automated diagnostic reports, daily log reports, online sessions with coaches, and online fitness videos. Through our daily logs we track our enrolled clients progress and discuss any issues they may have during our weekly sessions. A program designed and executed by medical professionals keeping the three prongs of wellness in mind : A balanced diet, increased physical activity and stress free mental well being.  

Customised online lifestyle programs

Fitness for a healthy You

From helping you improve your cardiovascular health through aerobics, zumba, improving your flexibility and stamina through yoga to building a muscular mass through our resistance training, we make sure we give you an entire body workout. Receive every week, safe and effective workout videos

Nutrition Counselling

Drastically cutting calories, eliminating entire food groups or depriving yourself of foods you actually like are not strategies for long term success.  the good news is that you can permanently change destructive food habits and also break the "diet mentality" for good. There are different perspectives to healthy nutrition. We will provide you with a weekly food schedule with tweaks every week, so you can easily adapt to a healthy, nutritious and sustainable change. We also support you with detailed recipe videos. 

Stress relief through Yoga

An essential but overlooked part of a healthy life is a calm demeanour. Learn to  de-stress yourself and unwind through pranayama, meditation.  By addressing behavioural issues that can be a barrier to healthy lifestyle and stress reduction techniques, with in no time you will see the effects in terms of improved sleep quality and improvements in other parameters like blood pressure, lung function and enhanced cognitive performance.
  • Mark Baldwin


    "You have taken the most important step - that of jumping in. There is so much natural inertia against it, the rest of the journey will feel easy"
    Mark Baldwin
  • Johny C

    Allentown, PA

    "Just signed up for the 3 month program. Going good so far - looking forward to a healthy weight loss"
    Johny C
  • Rebecca Stilman

    Orange County, CA

    "My first few days...felt like giving up. I credit my coach's grit and dogged determination and just showed up only to keep them happy. Boy, am I glad"
    Rebecca Stilman
  • Steve

    The Bahamas

    "I looked forward the "surprise" element in the daily wildcard recipe"