Daily logs report

Dear {daily_logs_2___user}

Thank you for maintaining the discipline of entering your logs. We have commented on your activity and food, and suggested a future course of action.

Nutrition Report

Salad                                                             You reported that you broke your fast today about {daily_logs_2___firstmeal}
You reported that you started your day with {daily_logs_2___morning_beverage}
 Your salad choice for the day was {daily_logs_2___salad}
 Your rice or bread consumption for brunch was {daily_logs_2___brunch_rice}
 Your rice or bread consumption for dinner was {daily_logs_2___dinner_rice}


Your overall nutrition score for today is {daily_logs_2___food_score} out of a possible maximum of 62.  The higher the score, the better. If your score is below 35, strive to follow our guidelines and do better tomorrow. What is important is you see a gradual improvement in your score on a daily basis. 


Activity Report

You reported your day activity as {daily_logs_2___day_activity}
You reported your evening activity as {daily_logs_2___intensity_pm_activity}


General Activity Comments

 Your overall activity score for the day is {daily_logs_2___activity_score} out of a possible maximum of 38. The higher the score, the more active your lifestyle is, and will go a long way for a healthier version of you. 


Overall Comments

Your composite score today is {daily_logs_2___day_score}%. Our health coaches are monitoring this score on a daily basis, and will discuss specific aspects of your profile this weekend during the mentoring call.


Should you have any specific queries, please check out the frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, contact us via our query line or your RN.