IPhone or a Wellness Plan - what will you gift?

So have you thought about gifting something that can double or triple, or many-fold your wealth and happiness rather than gifting an iPhone? We have nothing against an IPhone - I personally feel it is a great product. But if you are resource strapped, and have to choose between an IPhone and something else, that is the argument here.

Let's assume if you are gifting yourself an iPhone this New Year, it will cost you a minimum of $699. Other than instant gratification and a hole in your purse that will never be filled, you get nothing out of this.

But at the same time, if you are gifting yourself our 90 day lifestyle management plan or a weight loss plan, it will cost you a maximum of $200. In a matter of months you will lose weight, be more healthy, feel more agile and lighter, reduce your medical bills, fit in tighter clothes, look great, feel great, be fit for the outdoors and a whole lot more. Well, let that sink in.

You'd basically be much better of with our Wellness Plan rather than an iPhone user.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the deal now and spread happiness by gifting a 90 Day Lifestyle management program to yourself or someone you know. No coupon code required.